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Empowering our customers with innovative RNA analysis solutions and NGS services.

About Lexogen​


Lexogen develops innovative technologies such as 3’ mRNA-Seq, which have been widely adopted by thousands of scientists worldwide. In addition, we offer end-to-end solutions for RNA analysis and NGS sequencing. Lexogen provides fully customizable NGS Services, which include everything from experimental design to bioinformatics. 

Our mission

Empower our customers with innovative top quality RNA analysis solutions & support, in order to improve health and well-being for everyone and our planet.


Lexogen imperatives (our mindset and values)​



Fairness to embody our strong values: impartiality, integrity, transparency



Love because we value people and interactions: respect, care, serve



Fun to spark joy in our life: share, enjoy, celebrate



Innovation to create value: trust, empower, listen



Simplicity to add value: ease of use, communication, humility

Our vision (We want to become…)

The best company to work for and with.

What is so intriguing about the transcriptome?​


Grasshoppers are gentle creatures with brilliant green color and mild temper who mostly enjoy their solitude and live in good harmony with neighbors in the environment. But the other brood, the locust, forms huge swarms, darkens the sky, and greedily devours whatever is on their way, sometimes scaring people and frowning the eyebrows of farmers.

What is fascinating is that these two creatures are actually one species, and they share exactly the same genetic information stored in the form of DNA. Under a certain condition, the grasshoppers turn their color into light brown, their legs become short and spiky, and the wings grow to adapt to cover the long distance of swarm travel, becoming one of the most greedy and aggressive populations on earth.


You don’t need to go far away into the jungle of Africa to see such examples, because even in the human body we can observe similar things, like cancer cells which originate from healthy cells with identical genetic information in DNA. What contributes the most to this Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde process is the RNA, or transcription of genomes, which is called transcriptome.

The transcriptome has long been considered as a key for answering many of the questions in genetics, biology and medicine, extending far beyond central dogma. However its applications have been limited due to technical difficulties, and not much was known about it until recent advancements in the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology. Thanks to NGS, we expect to have a much larger amount of RNA data than what we have accumulated so far in the history of biology.


December 2023

Release of Kangooroo – Lexogen data analysis platform
Release of QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq V2 Library Prep Kit REV

November 2023

Release of LUTHOR High-Definition Single-Cell 3′ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

July 2023

Release of PCR Add-on and Reamplification Kit V2

May 2023

Release of RNA/DNA Defender Solution

October 2022

Release of QuantSeq with UDI V2 library preparation kits

September 2022

Release of RiboCop for Yeast

April 2022

Release of CORALL RNA-Seq V2 Kits

December 2018

Upgrade TeloPrime Full-Length cDNA Amplification Kit V2

May 2018

Release of UMI Second Strand Synthesis Module for QuantSeq FWD (Illumina, Read 1)

Upgrade of i5 Unique Dual Indexing Add-on Kit for QuantSeq/SENSE (5001-5096)

July 2018

We are providing Services for Small RNA-Seq, QuantSeq for SLAMseq RNA, and SPLIT RNA Extraction

February 2017

Release of QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit (FWD) HT for Illumina

March 2017

Release of RNA-Seq service for generation of QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq libraries, multiplexed sequencing, and data analysis

June 2017

Release of SIRV Set 2 (Iso Mix E0) and 3 (Iso Mix E0 / ERCC)

August 2017

Release of Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

September 2017

Release of SLAMseq Metabolic RNA-Seq Kit

October 2017

Release of SLAMdunk SLAMdunk data analysis for SLAMseq integrated on the BlueBee® platform

November 2017

Data Analysis pipeline for QuantSeq 3’ Library Prep is implemented in Partek® Flow® software

December 2017

Release of new Globin Block Modules for QuantSeq Kits

June 2016

CLC Plug-in “Mix-Square Transcript Quantification”

August 2016

Upgrade RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit V1.2 (Human/Mouse/Rat)   

Special User Guide for SENSE Total RNA-Seq for FFPE samples

October 2016

Integrated QuantSeq 3’mRNA-Seq Data Analysis Pipeline on the BlueBee Genomics Platform

Upgrade QuantSeq-Flex Targeted RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit V2   

December 2016

Release of the i5 Dual Indexing Add-on Kit for QuantSeq/SENSE

March 2014

Release of QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

The QuantSeq kit was developed in collaboration with a research institute to meet the demand for a cost-efficient RNA-Seq library preparation method for gene expression analysis by only counting the 3’ end of transcripts.

April 2014

Foundation of Lexogen, Inc. in the US

To be closer to our customers in the USA, enabling overnight delivery on most orders, a subsidiary, Lexogen, Inc.,  was established in New Hampshire in April 2014 as a distribution center.

June 2014

Release of SENSE Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

September 2014

Release TeloPrime Full-Length cDNA Amplification Kit

October 2014

Upgrade SENSE mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit V2

February 2013

Release of SENSE mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

Lexogen has developed a fast, easy and fragmentation-free RNA-Seq library prep kit based on its proprietary strand-displacement stop/ligation technology, yielding libraries with an exceptional strand-specificity.

August 2013

Release of SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit

Lexogen has, since the start of the company, put a lot of effort into optimizing extraction protocols for the isolation of high quality RNA without any genomic DNA contamination. After the protocol was successfully shared with some customers, efforts were made to put all the know how into a kit.

September 2013

Innovation and employment subsidy by WAFF

The WAFF (Vienna Employment Promotion Fund) supports small and medium-sized companies in Vienna with the implementation of innovation projects and funded Lexogen for the development of the Mix2 software and the SIRVs.

January 2012

1 year FFG grant and innovation voucher

June 2011

Relocation to the Vienna BioCenter

Due to the rapid growth and expansion of the company, Lexogen decided to move to a new place at the Vienna BioCenter in Vienna, Austria, which is the current location of Lexogen’s headquarter, R&D unit and kit production. The company occupies about 850m of area on two floors; more than quadruple the space of the previous location.


October 2011

Seed-Financing by AWS

The Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (aws) is the Austrian federal promotional bank. It assists in the foundation and development of innovative companies in the high-tech field and Lexogen acquired seed-financing by the agency.

3 years FFG grant and innovation voucher

The company received funding by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) for the development of the SQUARE technology. The FFG is the national funding institution for applied research and development in Austria.

August 2007

Foundation of Lexogen GmbH by Alexander Seitz

The company was founded in August 2007 by Dr. Alexander Seitz with the support of INiTS (Innovation into Business) incubator, having the first employee starting work in October 2007. Lexogen´s first facility was located in a campus in Southern Vienna (Liesing), Austria, where the company stayed until May 2011.


Do you want to be part of our team?

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