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RNA/DNA Defender Solution

  • Protect fragile RNA in fresh tissue and cell samples
  • Safely pause your workflow until more convenient to continue
  • No need for snap freezing or dry ice shipments


RNA/DNA Defender Solution

Preserving RNA in tissues and cultured cells is crucial for maintaining the gene expression profile. RNA/DNA Defender is a storage solution that stabilizes and protects RNA and DNA molecules after tissue excision and cell culture harvesting. It eliminates the need to process samples immediately or snap-freeze them in liquid nitrogen. Samples can be stored temporarily at ambient temperature without compromising RNA quality until processing is more convenient.

Convenient sample storage

Tissues submerged in RNA/DNA Defender Solution and cells resuspended in RNA/DNA Defender Solution can be stored for

  • one day at 37 °C
  • one week at room temperature
  • one month at +4 °C
  • up to one year at -20 °C


RNA/DNA Defender stabilizes RNA in tissues

Storage of tissue pieces in RNA/DNA Defender Solution stabilizes contained RNA even at temperature of 37 °C or over longer periods of time at -20 °C (Fig. 1).

Figure 1 | RNA/DNA Defender Solution stabilizes RNA in tissue samples. Mouse liver tissue was either fresh frozen or stored in RNA/DNA Defender Solution or a competitor RNA stabilization solution for one day at 37 °C or for over one year at -20 °C. After storage RNA was extracted using SPLIT RNA Extraction kit and analyzed on Fragment Analyzer.


Total time for Step:
Hands-on time for Step :

Extract desired tissue / harvest cultured cells and transfer into a fresh tube. RNA/DNA Defender
Solution rapidly permeates tissues and cells, and stabilizes contained RNA and DNA molecules.

RNA/DNA Defender Solution enables temporary storage of the specimen at temperatures where normally RNA degradation would occur.

Extract RNA and/or DNA at your convenience using your method of choice.


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