Lexogen Services Workflow

Lexogen provides a fully integrated Services-workflow for generation of RNA-Seq libraries using Lexogen products. Services comprise optional RNA extraction, quality control of input RNA, library generation, multiplexed sequencing, and data analysis.

According to project requirements, library preparation will be selected from 3’ mRNA-Seq, total RNA-Seq, time-resolved mRNA-Seq or small RNA-Seq analyses.

Rapid turnaround is facilitated by our streamlined library preparation procedures while throughput is maintained by leveraging liquid handling devices for automated processing of mid- to large-range sample numbers.



Lexogen Services bundles are available for inputs from 500 ng down to sub-ng inputs of purified total RNA. 3’ mRNA-Seq is suitable for reproducible library generation from high- and low-quality RNA, including FFPE samples. For a variety of sample types RNA isolation using the SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit is offered upon request.

We routinely use RNA spike-in controls (ERCCs and SIRVs) for improved process control.

Lexogen’s Globin Block Modules for QuantSeq (human/pig) may be added for processing blood-derived RNA samples and UMIs are available for QuantSeq FWD projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further details on sample applicability and submission details.


Services take advantage of a variety of indexing solutions that allow for high-grade multiplexing of RNA-Seq libraries. Multiplexing capabilities are a native feature of our library preparation kits and form the basis for this economically competitive solution. Sequencing of 3’ mRNA-Seq libraries to an average depth of a few million reads on Illumina® NextSeq500 is sufficient to obtain reliable gene expression quantification for most experimental setups.

Data Analysis

A clear-cut bioinformatics analysis solution rounds off the workflow. An automated data analysis pipeline was put in place and is routinely performed for your convenience. Data analysis includes demultiplexing, read quality control, trimming and filtering procedures, mapping and read counting. Quantification of Differential gene expression (DGE) is a central component of 3’ mRNA-Seq Services projects. Results are covered in the final report, tailored analyses may be implemented if required. Raw sequencing data and analysis results are provided for convenient download upon completion of the project.


Pricing depends on the selected workflow, number of samples to be processed, the desired degree of multiplexing and the sequencing mode. Please contact services@lexogen.com for more information.


Delivery should be in 1.5 mL tubes, avoiding error-prone plates and tube-strips. We kindly ask to send RNA samples on dry ice. Readily prepared libraries should be delivered in a cooled parcel. Shipment over weekends should be avoided to prevent samples from staying at ambient temperatures for prolonged periods of time.
Please see the sample submission form and submission recommendations for more information.

Raw sequencing files and results from data analysis will be provided for convenient and secure download from Lexogen’s sftp servers in Vienna, Austria. Other options for data transfer are available upon request.

We focus on library generation using Lexogen’s RNA-seq library preparation kits. This includes: QuantSeq FWD, REV, and Flex, CORALL, Small RNA library prep and SLAMSeq. Beyond this, RNA extraction, Illumina-sequencing and bioinformatics Services are provided.

Lexogen is open to provide Services for customers from any country. Samples will be processed at Lexogen’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Samples from most organisms are accepted. Please note that compatibility depends on workflow selection. For more information regarding your species of interest please contact services@lexogen.com.

Yes. Remaining material may be returned to you. Please make sure to inform the Services team before the project begins.

Lexogen RNA-seq library preparation kits are compatible with low-input samples. For exact measures please contact services@lexogen.com.

Most of our protocols are compatible with low input and degraded samples, including material from FFPE samples. RNA will be characterized prior to library preparation to ensure appropriate workflow parameters.

Due to the wide range of different Services projects a strict maximum processing time cannot be promised. For standard setups, please expect data availability within four to six weeks from receipt of your samples.