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Lexogen Services provides a fully integrated workflow to sequence known and unknown RNAs in any species, to accurately quantify gene expression, and to detect novel transcripts and isoforms.

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Cost-efficient genome wide analysis of gene expression using the QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit FWD


  • Only one fragment per transcript sequenced
  • Few reads required (2-5 M / sample)
  • Individual library prep for each sample
  • UMIs and globin mRNA blocker available

Input requirements:

  • Intact and degraded samples such as FFPE-derived RNAs
  • Samples of varying RNA integrity and mRNA content
  • Suitable for SLAMseq RNA samples

Targeted transcripts:

  • Polyadenylated RNAs
Gene expression profiling for large screening projects using the QuantSeq-Pool Sample-Barcoded 3′ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit


  • Highest cost efficiency by early sample barcoding and pooling
  • Only one fragment per transcript sequenced
  • Few reads required (2-5 M / sample)
  • Easy scaling from 8 to 36,864 samples

Input requirements:

  • Samples homogeneous in RNA amount, mRNA content and RNA integrity

Targeted transcripts:

  • Polyadenylated RNAs
Sequencing of polyadenylated RNAs using the CORALL mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit


  • Full sequence coverage of mature, polyadenylated RNAs (mRNAs)
  • Isoform detection
  • SNP detection

Input requirements:

  • RNAs with high integrity

Targeted transcripts:

  • Polyadenylated RNAs

Universal RNA sequencing using the CORALL Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit and the RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kits


  • Full sequence coverage of total RNA
  • Isoform detection
  • SNP detection

Input requirements:

  • Intact and degraded samples such as FFPE-derived RNAs

Targeted transcripts:

  • Polyadenylated and non-polyadenylated RNAs

Sequencing and profiling of small RNAs using the Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit


  • Sequencing of miRNAs, piRNAs, siRNAs, etc
  • Wide input range from 50 pg to 1,000 ng RNA
  • High reproducibility and sensitivity

Input requirements:

  • Total RNA and enriched small RNA input
  • Suitable for low concentrated RNA (e.g. from plasma, serum, and urine)

Targeted transcripts:

  • RNAs shorter than 400 nt with 5′ P and 3′ OH ends

High resolution gene expression profiling of single cells and ultra-low input RNA samples using the LUTHOR 3’ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit


  • Unprecedented sensitivity and reproducibility for individual cells
  • Novel direct RNA amplification technology combined with an efficient one-step 3’ RNA-Seq library preparation method

Input requirements:

  • Animal cells, protoplasts
  • Purified RNA from all organisms and viruses

Targeted transcripts:

  • Polyadenylated RNAs

Lexogen Advantages


Accurate sample identification

Unique Dual Indexes

Identify samples correctly and maximize sequencing yield with Lexogen’s 12-nt UDIs.

PCR bias-free quantification

Unique Molecular Identifiers

Determine gene expression accurately, also for low-complexity samples.


Globin mRNA

Globin mRNA Depletion

Improved sensitivity for blood samples by using globin mRNA blockers.


Error and bias

Spike-in control transcripts

Workflow validation and data set concordance provided by spike-in control transcripts.

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“QuantSeq from Lexogen is everything we dreamed of and more. All we had to do was to send our samples off for analysis, and wait shortly to hear back from Lexogen. As an added bonus everyone at Lexogen was extremely knowledgeable, kind, and more than eager to answer any questions we had. We highly recommend using QuantSeq service of Lexogen.”

Dr. Gary Cantor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

“Throughout my career, leading genomic projects and departments, I have always been a fan of Lexogen chemistry. When I finally decided to co-found a genomics company, I was delighted to hear that Lexogen had a services arm, and signed up immediately. We work with extremely challenging samples, from biobanked FFPEs to micro-organ samples. At every step Lexogen has worked closely with us, even helping to optimise our protocols, to ensure the best possible results.” 

Dr. Quin Wills, Co-founder and CSO, Ochre Bio


Delivery should be in 1.5 mL tubes, avoiding error-prone plates and tube-strips. We kindly ask to send RNA samples on dry ice. Readily prepared libraries should be delivered in a cooled parcel. Shipment over weekends should be avoided to prevent samples from staying at ambient temperatures for prolonged periods of time.
Please see the sample submission form and submission recommendations for more information.

Raw sequencing files and results from data analysis will be provided for convenient and secure download from Lexogen’s sftp servers in Vienna, Austria. Other options for data transfer are available upon request.

Services covers applications like gene expression profiling, mRNA sequencing, whole transcriptome analysis (including non-polyadenylated RNAs and non-coding RNAs), small RNA sequencing, single cell RNA-Seq and ultra-low input RNA sequencing.

All RNA-Seq library preparation methods offered by Lexogen in kit format can be ordered as part of our Services. This includes QuantSeq FWD, REV, and Flex, CORALL Total RNA-Seq, CORALL mRNA-Seq, Small RNA-Seq library prep, and LUTHOR.

Further, we offer RNA extraction, preparation of RNA-Seq libraries from SLAMSeq samples, and comprehensive data analysis.

Please inquire for not listed applications, methods, and services.

Lexogen is open to provide Services for customers from any country, subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Sales. Samples will be processed at Lexogen’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

Samples from most organisms are accepted. Please note that compatibility depends on workflow selection. For more information regarding your species of interest please contact

Yes. Remaining material may be returned to you. Please make sure to inform the Services team before the project begins.

Lexogen RNA-seq library preparation kits are compatible with low-input samples. For exact amounts please contact

Most of our protocols are compatible with low input and degraded samples, including material from FFPE samples. RNA will be characterized prior to library preparation to ensure appropriate workflow parameters.

Due to the wide range of different Services projects a strict maximum processing time cannot be promised. For standard setups, please expect data availability within four to six weeks from receipt of your samples.

We appreciate any information regarding quantity and quality of your samples. However, the quality control (QC) via UV-Vis spectrophotometry (NanoDrop) and capillary electrophoresis (BioAnalyzer/ Fragment Analyzer) is included in the Services bundle, and these measurements do not need to be performed prior to sample submission.

In such case, we will contact you with the results of our internal quality control. Upon your confirmation, we will omit the specified sample(s) from downstream processing. The amount in the final invoice will be reduced accordingly to account for the excluded sample(s).

We do accept sequencing-only projects, starting from prepared lane mixes. These projects need to be well coordinated with careful selection of the indices. Please utilize the ‘Lane Mix Calculation’ file located in the download section of the Lexogen Services webpage as a tool to quantify your libraries prior to pooling. For more information, please contact

Data analysis includes basic statistics (number of input reads, number of uniquely mapping reads, % of uniquely mapping reads, average input read length), alignment rates, gene counts, read distribution statistics, information on sample reproducibility, information on differential expression analysis and visualization.

For project updates, please contact us directly via

Unless specified otherwise, the libraries are sequenced in single read (SR) mode using the high output 75 cycle cartridge. Sequencing depth depends on library type and project requirements and will be discussed prior to sample submission.


pdf Sample Submission Form: Shipment information and form to provide details on RNA extraction, library preparation, sequencing, and shipment.

 Library Quantification File: Calculation of library molarities for the preparation of the lane mix.

pdf RNA-Seq Library Prep Kits Overview: Comprehensive information on applications, RNA input, organisms, and additional options.