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How to Order

Request Quote

Request Quote via Email

To receive a quote, we kindly request that you send your quote request to You can find our product offerings and their corresponding Catalog Numbers List on our website.

Create Web Quote

Web quoting is available, and you can find more information at You can generate a web quote by Register or Login to your account. In the account settings please fill in your billing and shipping address. Add products to your cart, view cart and click the “Generate Quote” button. A quote in PDF format will be generated and ready to download. Please submit it to with the required information specified below in section “Information needed and shipping information”.

Creating web quotes is not available for countries served by our distributors. Please contact your local distributor for a quote.

Ordering Information for Kit Products

Order Online via our Website

You can buy our products online at You have the possibility to place the order via Purchase Order (Direct Bank Transfer) or to pay via Credit card through the external PayPal payment system.

Ordering products via the webshop is not available for countries served by our distributors. Please contact your local distributor for a quote. Discounted quotations cannot be processed through our webstore. In that case, please order via

Order via Distributor

We are happy to have trained local distributors in more than 50 different countries. If your country has a local rep­resentative, orders must be placed via the distributor. The complete list of our distributors can be found on our website.

Order via Email

In case you wish to place your order via email, please submit your Purchase Order as PDF (contact your internal purchasing department) to

To ensure the processing of your order, kindly send it exclusively to, rather than to our sales representatives.

Order by Phone

United States: 877-539-6436 extension 4
Rest of the World: +43 (0) 1 345 1212

Order by Fax

United States: 603-431-4333
Rest of the World: +43 (0) 1 345 1212-99

Order / Shipping / Invoicing information

When placing an order, please provide us with the following information:

Product Information


Contact Information

  • Your name, phone number, and email address.
  • Shipping and billing address.
  • E-invoice email, if applicable.
  • Purchase Order Number (PO #), if applicable.
  • TAX/VAT ID Number for orders purchased and shipped within Europe. For US customers sales tax may be added unless a sales tax exemption certificate is provided.
  • Quote number, if applicable


Information on estimated shipping date of your order is provided on the Purchase Order Confirmation you receive after placing an order. All articles are shipped with our internal standard shipping methods. Depending on the articles ordered, articles might be shipped cooled, frozen (using PCMs such as gel packs), ultra deep frozen (on dry ice) or at room temperature. The shipping temperatures of the individual sub-items of a bundle ordered may differ from the long-term storage temperatures recommended on the item labels and are dependent on and in accordance with the corresponding stability of the individual components. Shipments are booked with our shipping partners of choice, such as UPS or FedEx, unless required otherwise, and monitored by our team. Incoterms applicable to your shipment, such as DDP (within the EU) or DAP (cross-EU border) are provided to you on your Purchase Order Confirmation.


An electronic invoice from Lexogen is sent to your e-invoicing email address provided upon placing the order, once your order leaves our warehouse, for payment conditions other than prepayment. For US customers invoices are sent electronically if specified in a PO, otherwise they are mailed.

Ordering Information for Services

NGS experts are ready to provide you with individually customised services for your NGS project. To contact us, please use the form at or send an e-mail to, providing basic information about your project such as sample number, sample source, experimental goal and requested service scope (RNA extraction, library prep, sequencing, data analysis).



Product Short Description


Product Short Description


Product Short Description

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