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Lexogen develops and manufactures the most advanced solutions for genomics. No compromise on innovation or performance is allowed. As much as Lexogen is dedicated to innovation, it also dedicates itself to hiring and developing the best talent from around the world.

At Lexogen, we are always looking for people who understand the value and importance of innovation, who know the joy of working in a highly dynamic job environment, who love creation and achievement, and do not fear failure but take it as a lesson for another great leap.

Feeling addressed? Then you are the person we are looking for!

Working at Lexogen​


Forefront of the fastest developing technology

Lexogen stands on the front line of the industry with the fastest developing technology in human history, which is genome sequencing. Lexogen’s aim is to utilize this technology to bring forth scientific answers to the fundamental questions about life. We are devoting ourselves to developing new solutions which maximize the potential of the sequencing technologies. Working in Lexogen will give you a unique experience of being in the front row of this fascinating industry.


Think innovative

Innovation is at the heart of Lexogen’s ambition to become the leader in the industry. Science, technology and product development are central to our plans. We need people who can find different ways of adding value and contributing. Most importantly, we want original thinkers who will challenge us, stretch us and move us forward.


Work international

More than hundreds of institutions utilize our technology all over the world, and we have numerous partners working together with us in most of the countries. Headquartered in Vienna at the very heart of Europe, we have more than 10 different nationalities working as together, and in line with our strategy of aggresive global expansion, we offer increasing opportunities to work in an international atmosphere.


Inclusivity and equity

Lexogen strives to cultivate an inclusive and accessible workplace where all people feel comfortable being themselves in a safe and supportive environment (a zero tolerance policy applies to disrespect of others).
We believe diversity of background, personality, ability, experience, and thought makes for a better workplace, better decision-making, and more innovation. We focus on cultivating a sense of belonging and an environment where everyone can thrive.
We believe the more our team represents the world around us, the more innovative and performant we are; and the better we are at reaching our vision, because WE, all the team members, are Lexogen.
LGBTQIΠ+, BAME, Dys-X, B-out, disabled, Millenials and seniors… be welcome to join us and help us building Lexogen!

People development and teamwork are key to our success

Lexogen, is all of us, and the company is as good as what we bring! We think individual growth of team members is very important and we are providing diverse opportunities of growth for the individuals in the company. When people grow, the company grows!

Anniversary Video​

In 2022 Lexogen celebrated 15 years. Founded in 2007 we have grown immensely in the past few years. Covering 2 Locations with over 100 team members we are working hard every day to make sure we empower our customers with innovative and top-quality RNA analysis solutions and support them on their journey. And without our team members this simply would not be possible.

Watch the video to get a glimpse of what we do, how we do it and how much fun we have in the process!

Workplace Gallery​

Open positions​

At Lexogen the key to our achievements is our team, and we do understand that each team member is a person and not what is sometimes described as human “resource”. Each individual team member has his/her own characteristic, diverse background and experiences and this is the foundation of our success.

Lexogen is a biotech company based at the Vienna BioCenter in Vienna, Austria, focusing on the development of technologies for complete transcriptome sequencing. Our product portfolio offers solutions for diverse RNA analysis applications and includes kits for whole transcriptome sequencing, expression profiling, full-length cDNA amplification, RNA extraction as well as software for RNA-Seq data analysis. We are operating state-of-the-art offices, R&D and production facilities. Importantly we are a committed team that has successfully developed and launched an expanding product portfolio into the Next Generation Sequencing market, one of the most exciting, hottest and fastest growing areas in the Genomics field.

Unsolicited Application

Even though there may be no vacancy for a specific position, our door is always open to any motivated talent. Please let us know why you think you are the one needed at Lexogen with some personal details, and our talent acquisition team will get in contact with you after reviewing your submission. You can send your detailed CV and covering letter to



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