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RNA Sequencing

(noun) /RNA ˈsiːkwənsɪŋ/

Whole-transcriptome analysis with RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) is at the cutting edge of NGS capabilities and allows to determine RNA molecules in a sample at the moment of sampling. The transcriptome is a highly dynamic cellular feature that opens up a world of discovery potential. Changes in response to drugs, various states of disease, post-transcriptional modifications, and alternatively spliced transcripts are just some examples of discoveries made possible by RNA-Seq.

RNA-Seq Applications

RNA-Seq is used to measure gene and transcript abundance levels, and to assess qualitative information of the transcriptome of all species. It is commonly used to:

CORALL RNA-Seq Library Prep Kits

The CORALL RNA-Seq Library Prep Kits enables fast and cost-efficient generation of stranded, UMI labelled, and unique dual indexed libraries for whole transcriptome analyses using Illumina® NGS platforms.

Watch a short video to learn more about CORALL:


One for all and all-in-one. CORALL RNA-Seq is a well-established, fragmentation-free, and universal whole transcriptome RNA-Seq library prep which is completed in 6 steps (4.5 hours). CORALL is the universal solution for all your samples offering exceptional performance on low input samples, down to 1 ng starting amount. It is the ideal solution for total RNA-Seq analysis on degraded and FFPE samples.

New! Adjustable library size to perfectly fit your application: CORALL RNA-Seq V2 allows generation of longer libraries (~ 550 bp) for demanding applications such as alternative splicing, isoform analysis, and fusion detection.


Time saving

CORALL offers a fast and fully automatable whole transcriptome RNA-Seq workflow which is completed in only 4.5 hours.

Excels with low input

CORALL supports the widest input range (1 ng – 1000 ng) with excellent performance for low input RNA down to 1 ng prior to mRNA-selection or ribo-depletion.

Unlocks challenging samples

CORALL’s fragmentation-free protocol and built-in UMIs for RNA-Seq library preparation are ideal for challenging inputs, such as degraded and FFPE RNA.

NEW! Adjustable size

CORALL RNA-Seq V2 allows fragmentation-free library size adjustment to fit your application. Choose between standard size for expression analysis or longer lengths for al­ternative splicing, isoforms and fusion detection, etc.

Not sure which CORALL RNA-Seq product is right for you?

Try the CORALL Configurator and find the ideal kit for your application
in less than 2 minutes!

CORALL RNA-Seq V2 is a fast and flexible kit for whole transcriptome sequencing with a wide input range. CORALL RNA-Seq V2 is available as standalone kit, mRNA-Seq bundle including poly(A) selection and Total RNA-Seq bundle including RiboCop rRNA depletion (Table 1).

Table 1 | CORALL RNA-Seq V2 workflow specifications
CORALL RNA-Seq V2 (stand-alone Kit)CORALL mRNA-Seq V2 with Poly(A) SelectionCORALL Total RNA-Seq V2 with RiboCop
Input RNA quantity0.1 ng – 100 ng1 ng – 1000 ng1 ng – 1000 ngSupports the widest input range available on the market, delivers consistent library output over the full input range
RNA typesTotal RNAPoly(A) RNARibo-depleted RNASupports all Whole Transcriptome RNA-Seq Applications
RNA qualityAll qualities, including degraded RNA, FFPEHigh-quality RNA (RIN > 8)All qualities, including degraded RNA, FFPESupports all RNA qualities, high sensitivity and high-quality results for difficult material and FFPE samples
Workflow time*4.5 hours5.5 hours6 hoursTime-saving workflow with less steps, from sample to sequencing-ready library in one day
Kit reaction sizes24, 96, 38496, 38424, 96Scalable for evaluation, adoption and high-throughout applications
TechnologyFragmentation-free library prep using displacement-stop technologyPoly(A) selection by hybridization / capture and CORALL library prepHybridization / capture rRNA-depletion without enzymatic digestion and CORALL library prep– Fragmentation-free workflow
– No second strand synthesis
– No adaptor titration, less adapter-dimers
– Excellent inherent strandedness (> 99 %)
Unique Dual Indexing (UDI)All CORALL RNA-Seq V2 Kits and Bundles contain 12 nt UDI Sets.Maximized sequencing output on all instruments
Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs)All CORALL RNA-Seq V2 Kits and Bundles contain built-in UMIs.Supports identification and removal of PCR duplicates for all sample types and quantities without additional purchases
Automation CapabilityAll CORALL RNA-Seq V2 workflows can be automated on liquid handlers.Supports high-throughput applications
* Workflow time is based upon incubation times and expected times for hands-on-steps. Actual workflow time may vary.



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