Support Tools Overview

Index Balance Checker

The Index Balance Checker tool will help you select the optimal index combination for multiplexed sequencing. Specifically, the applet evaluates the color balance of your chosen Lexogen i7 Indices (Lexogen i7 6 nt Index Set) for all CORALL, QuantSeq, and SENSE kits and can be used on any number of samples for any Illumina machine (HiSeq, NextSeq, MiSeq, MiniSeq).

SIRV Suite

Galaxy SIRV suite is a set of software tools accompanying the Spike-in RNA Variant Control Mixes (SIRVs) by Lexogen. It allows you to design and evaluate your SIRV experiment, and to compare it to other similar experiments. The SIRV Suite streamlines and unifies the data evaluation process.

Revision History

The Revision History document contains full revision history tables for all current and previous User Guides and Instruction Manuals. Revision history information includes changes made to the kit components and formats, protocol and handling guidelines, appendix information, and general text updates.

Tech Support Videos

Includes videos with tips for Lexogen Magnetic Bead Purification and tips for QuantSeq First Strand Synthesis.

Index Error Correction Tool

After sequencing, demultiplexing can be carried out by the standard Illumina pipeline. All Lexogen i7 and i5 index sequences are available for download.

In addition to the standard error-correction included in the Illumina pipeline, Lexogen’s Index Error Correction Tool (available free of charge) can be used in order to rescue even more reads.