Support Tools Overview

RiboCop for Bacteria Selection Tool

RiboCop is offered as a stand-alone kit with the option to choose from three optimized Probe Mixes for depletion of rRNA from mixed bacterial samples (META, Cat. No. 125) or from Gram negative or Gram positive bacteria (G- or G+, Cat. No. 126 and 127, respectively) grown in monoculture.

If you are uncertain which kit to choose of RiboCop for Bacteria, then the RiboCop for Bacteria Kit Selection Tool can help to find the best-suited kit for your species of interest.

Lane Mix Calculation

Libraries should ideally be pooled in an equimolar ratio for multiplexed sequencing. It is important to ensure accurate quantification of the individual libraries prior to pooling, as well as for the library pool (lane mix). To quantify your libraries measure the concentration using either qPCR or fluorescence-based assays and determine the average library size, using microcapillary electrophoresis analysis (e.g., Bioanalyzer or Fragment Analyzer). The pdf Library Quantification File will calculate the molarities of each library from the concentration measurement and average size. Further it will provide the volumes of each library to be used for preparation of an equimolar lane mix.

Index Balance Checker

The Index Balance Checker tool will help you select the optimal index combination for multiplexed sequencing. Specifically, the applet evaluates the color balance of your chosen Lexogen i7 Indices (Lexogen i7 6 nt Index Set) for all CORALL, QuantSeq, and SENSE kits and can be used on any number of samples for any Illumina machine (HiSeq, NextSeq, MiSeq, MiniSeq).

Tech Support Videos

Includes videos with tips for Lexogen Magnetic Bead Purification and tips for QuantSeq First Strand Synthesis.

Demultiplexing and Error Correction Tool – iDemux

iDemux is an all-in-one command line tool available for download on github and pypi. Please contact for further information or help with your analysis.