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SPLIT Rapid Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit

  • Isolation of high-quality RNA from fluid samples
  • Rapid 15-minute protocol validated for viral applications
  • Inhibitor-free RNA ready-to-use in RT-qPCR and targeted RNA-Seq assays


SPLIT Rapid Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit

SARS-CoV-2_Icon  This product can be used for SARS-CoV-2 research.

The SPLIT Rapid Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit enables the isolation of high-quality RNA & DNA from liquid samples using a fast, streamlined protocol. For the extraction of highly pure RNA for demanding applications, please visit the SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit.

Fast, Simplified Protocol

The protocol enables the isolation of viral RNA in only 15 minutes, and 24 samples can be completed in 25 minutes. Since the workflow is based on sample lysis and column purification, only a standard centrifuge is required. No phenol extraction is needed, reducing the exposure of the user to chemical hazards and avoiding the production of toxic waste.

High-Quality Viral RNA and DNA

The kit yields high-quality RNA suitable for reverse transcription, RT-qPCR, and targeted RNA-Seq. RNases are immediately deactivated when the sample is resuspended in the Isolation Buffer. For the analysis of viral RNA, the co-isolated genomic DNA does not have to be removed, and the DNA itself can be analyzed in other applications.

Validated for SARS-CoV-2 RNA Extraction

The kit has been validated externally for extraction of SARS-CoV-2 RNA with buccal swab samples in virus transport medium (VTM). At Lexogen, we have confirmed that spike-in viral RNA can be extracted from media such as HBSS and PBS. The kit is intended for use in research and development. Validation is required for integration into a specific diagnostic workflow.

Kit Size and High-Throughput Option

The kit is available in a 400-reaction version and in bulk format. Further, the protocol is transferable to magnetic beads for plate-based, automatable high-throughput RNA extraction. For further details and support please contact


The SPLIT Rapid Viral RNA/DNA Extraction Kit contains reagents for the isolation of total RNA from 400 liquid samples. A bulk reagent option is also available.

Total protocol time:
30 min

The sample is lysed in a highly chaotropic
isolation buffer which facilitates complete
solubilization and guarantees RNase inhibition.

Isopropanol is added to the sample before loading onto a silica micro-spin column.
RNA and DNA bind specifically to the column, while most of the other components are in the flow-through.

Contaminants such as PCR inhibitors,
divalent cations, and proteins are removed
in three wash steps.

10-50 µl Elution Buffer is added to the column to elute pure viral RNA.


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