RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit V1.2 (Human/Mouse/Rat)

After extraction total RNA comprises large amounts of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) which frequently is of little interest. Lexogen’s RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit enables removal of rRNA from total RNA and is suited for Next Generation Sequencing as well as other demanding RNA analysis applications.

Efficient Elimination of rRNA

RiboCop allows efficient removal of cytoplasmic 28S, 18S, 5.8S, 45S, 5S, as well as mitochondrial mt16S, mt12S ribosomal RNA sequences in human, mouse and rat samples. Thus, sequencing depth is preserved for relevant RNA species.

Simple Workflow

The RiboCop protocol takes 2 hours to complete. No enzymatic reactions or mechanical shearing steps are involved, leaving full-length transcripts intact for downstream processing.

Flexible Input Requirements

RiboCop is suitable for rRNA depletion of 1 – 1000 ng total RNA input amounts from intact or degraded RNA (including FFPE) samples.


Magnetic beads are used for depletion and purification steps, rendering the protocol completely automation friendly.

Various Downstream Applications

RiboCop is offered in different kit sizes as a stand-alone kit (Cat. No. 037) as well as in combination with SENSE Total RNA-Seq Libray Prep Kit (Cat. No. 042).


Samples are treated using a set of affinity probes for specific depletion of rRNA sequences. RiboCop probes efficiently remove rRNA and therefore afford a comprehensive view of transcriptome composition.

Denaturation of total RNA
Step 1:
Affinity probes and total RNA are mixed and denatured.
Hybridization of affinity probes to rRNA
Step 2:
Denatured total RNA and probes are hybridized.
Removal of bound rRNA molecules
Step 3:
Depletion beads are conditioned and used to remove probes
along with hybridized ribosomal RNA from solution.
Purification of depleted RNA
Step 4:
The depleted RNA is purified for downstream processing.


Frequently Asked Questions

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RiboCop contains probes for the rRNA depletion of human, mouse and rat RNA samples and was also successfully tested on hamster, mini pig, and zebrafish samples.
Depending on input sample, standard recovery rate yield varies from 1 – 3%.
Depending on input sample, depletion down to 1 – 2% is standard.
RiboCop is suitable for input amounts from 1 ng – 1 µg of total RNA input.
If you don´t have a thermomixer available you can just run it on a thermocycler without agitation.
RiboCop rRNA depleted total RNA is suitable to be used with the SENSE Total RNA-Seq kit. Please find more information about this bundle in the SENSE Total RNA-Seq User Guide.
In RiboCop V1.2 a new Hybridization Solution (HS) is introduced that enables a significant increase of the sample input (up to 26 µl of total RNA). The rpm-values and reaction volumes got furthermore adjusted to make the kit compatible with high throughput applications.


pdf  User Guide – update 01.08.2016 (Release of RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit V1.2)
pdf  Application Note

Material Safety Datasheets

pdf  MSDS information for RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit V1.2

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