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Poly(A) RNA Selection Kit V1.5

  • Highly specific poly(A) enrichment
  • Magnetic bead-based purification
  • Various downstream applications such as RNA-Seq
  • Fast workflow


Poly(A) RNA Selection Kit V1.5

The Poly(A) RNA Selection Module enables the rapid and highly specific enrichment of polyadenylated RNAs from total RNA samples.

Optimized V1.5 Upgrade

The upgrade V1.5 contains new oligo(dT) Magnetic Beads (MB), compared to the V1.0 kit. The beads and solutions included in the V1.5 kit offer improved performance.

Highly Specific for Poly(A) RNA

Other RNA species (rRNA and tRNA) do not contain poly(A) sequences and therefore will not bind to the oligo(dT) beads.
Poly(A) Figure 1
Figure 1. Bioanalyzer traces of Universal Human Reference Total RNA (UHRR, red trace) and poly(A) selected RNA from 5 µg UHRR (blue trace).

Various Downstream Applications

Isolated mRNA can directly be used for RNA-Seq library preparation (e.g., CORALL RNA-Seq Library Prep kits), SAGE, CAGE, cloning, microarrays, cDNA synthesis, and others.

Rapid Turnaround

Polyadenylated RNAs can be isolated from total RNA samples within about one hour.



The total RNA Is briefly denatured and magnetic beads are aliquoted and washed.

The polyadenylated 3’ ends present in most mRNAs
are hybridized to oligodT beads.

Any RNA without poly(A) stretches, such as rRNA
and tRNA,will not be captured by the oligodT beads
and will be washed away.

The poly(A) RNA is eluted from the olidodT beads
by heating in water.


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