We at Lexogen have developed a series of educational tools designed to help you obtain the best results from your RNA experiments. The RNA Expertise Hub contains short videos (RNA EXPERTise Videos) dedicated to cutting-edge technologies and how your workflows can benefit from these innovations.

You will also have access to our brand-new RNA LEXICON, a useful resource with tons of information about RNA work, RNA sequencing, and data analysis. LEXICON will help you plan your experiment to fit your specific needs, improve your workflows, and get the answers you need directly from the RNA Experts. We have gathered insights, tips, and tricks that we would like to share with you to support you on your RNA-sequencing journey.

Starting today we will be sharing informative chapters covering various interesting topics ranging from Experimental Planning, Sequencing and Data Analysis all the way to hands-on best practice guides for working with challenging materials, such as FFPE RNA or liquid samples.

Our short Checklists and Quick Guides are specifically designed to make your work in the lab easier, more efficient, and to empower your research!

To start this off we have prepared a Quick Checklist for RNA-Seq Wet Lab Experiments. This one-page checklist provides an overview of the individual steps in a wet lab RNA-Seq workflow and includes tips to make the most out of your experiment.

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