SIRVs Spike-In RNA Variant Control Mixes

pdf  User Guide for Spike-in RNA Variant Control Mixes E0, E1, and E2 (SIRV-Set 1) – update 28.03.2017
pdf  User Guide for SIRV-Set 2 and SIRV-Set 3 – Changed storage and usage conditions (frozen format only) from 01.12.2017
pdf  Application Note – update 20.09.2019

SIRV Spike-In Calculator Worksheets

pdf  SIRV Calculator_Set 1_extended (XLSX)
pdf  SIRV Calculator_Set 2_extended (XLSX)
pdf  SIRV Calculator_Set 3_extended (XLSX)

SIRV annotations, concentrations and sequence features

SIRV-Set 1: SIRV Isoform Mixes E0, E1 and E2 (Cat. No 025)

SIRV-Set 2: SIRV Isoform Mix E0 (Cat. No 050)

SIRV-Set 3: SIRV Isoform Mix E0 & ERCCs (Cat. No 051)

SIRV sequencing data

Sequencing data of SIRV mix lot no. 216652830 in Universal Human Reference RNA (UHRR from Agilent) and Human Brain Reference RNA (HBRR from Ambion, Thermo Fisher) are publicly available at the NCBI data base ( in the data set SRR3497201. 

Sequencing data of SIRV mix lot no. 216652830 and 070653620 can be accessed through the SIRV Suite data libraries.

Additional Information

pdf  MSDS Information for SIRVs – MSDS Information for SIRVs

Certificate of Analysis

pdf  Certificate of Analysis (batch No 216652830)

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