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Webinar “Controlling RNA-Seq Experiments Using Spike-In RNA Variants: In this talk Lukas Paul, Head of Services at Lexogen, introduced RNA spike-in transcripts developed by Lexogen.

The following topics were covered:

  • The concept of comprehensive RNA spike-ins covering transcription and splicing events
  • Design of SIRV mixes to allow for RNA-Seq pipeline quality control and validation
  • Assessment of differential gene expression on the transcript level
  • The SIRV Suite, a Galaxy-based platform for easy and complete spike-in experiment design, data evaluation and comparison
  • The concept of the quality matrix (coverage CoD, accuracy, precision) and concordance
  • The SIRV Suite data base to find and research comparable RNA-Seq experiments on the transcript level
  • Upcoming RNA spike-in modules: from transcript length, poly(A) variants to base modifications