QuantSeq-Flex Targeted RNA-Seq

QuantSeq-Flex Targeted RNA-Seq Kits & Modules

Use for Cat. No.s: 026 (QuantSeq-Flex First Strand Synthesis Module), 028 (QuantSeq-Flex Second Strand Synthesis Module V2), 033 (QuantSeq-Flex Kit with First Strand Synthesis Module), 034 (QuantSeq-Flex Kit with Second Strand Synthesis Module), 035 (QuantSeq-Flex Kit with First and Second Strand Synthesis Modules).

Current Version:

pdf  015UG058V0230 – User Guide – update 08.08.2018
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pdf  015MS025V0200 – MSDS Information for QuantSeq Expression Profiling Library Prep Kits – update 17.12.2019

pdf Lexogen i7 and i5 Index Sequences – update 05.05.2020