In 2020, the molecule RNA (ribonucleic acid) has moved into the center of worldwide attention with the COVID 19 pandemic caused by the RNA-based SARS-CoV-2 virus. RNA is highly versatile, showing genomic, structural, and catalytic functions and pre-dating even DNA. The community of researchers investigating this fascinating molecule reflects this multifunctionality, bringing in expertise from many different scientific disciplines and is hosted by a variety of organizations, faculties, and institutes.

To cultivate interactions between these RNA researchers, The RNA Society established the “RNA Salon” program in 2016, providing financial support for recurring local or regional RNA science-based activities held at academic institutions throughout the world. From the very beginning Lexogen, the RNA expert company, partnered with the RNA Society as the exclusive industrial sponsor to support this research community and to provide expert knowledge in the field of RNA sequencing. RNA Salons are located in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America and bring together more than 5,000 RNA researchers.

“Now in its fifth year, the RNA Salon program is as strong as ever, and we are delighted to continue our partnership with the RNA Society. 2020 has seen many changes with RNA researchers at the forefront of research into the causes and effects of a pandemic. Lexogen is specialized in transcriptome analysis by high-throughput sequencing, which has become a standard method in almost all areas of RNA research including the study of RNA viruses. We are therefore looking forward to the exciting discoveries that will be initiated and revealed at upcoming RNA Salon events,” said Lukas Paul, PhD, the Senior Manager of Scientific Affairs at Lexogen GmbH.

Ute Kothe, PhD (RNA Salon Program Organizer, Membership Committee, RNA Society): “In times of a pandemic caused by an RNA virus, the RNA Salon program is now more important than ever as a tremendously successful initiative fostering engagement and collaboration between RNA scientists. This initiative is a flagship program of the RNA Society supporting its mission to advance RNA research and education, and the recent developments in COVID-19 vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics highlight the importance of RNA research.  The RNA Society appreciates the continued partnership with Lexogen on this important program for the benefit of our members and thousands of RNA scientists worldwide. In particular in times of a pandemic, our collaboration with Lexogen is critical to encourage RNA Salon members in all countries to collaborate, to engage and to innovate and to thereby make significance advances in biomedicine and bioengineering.”

About Lexogen

Established in 2007, Lexogen is a transcriptomics and Next-Generation Sequencing company, focusing on the development of innovative methods for RNA analysis. Its portfolio already includes multiple innovative and well-established protocols for RNA sequencing sample preparation, external RNA spike-in controls, as well as bioinformatic tools and sequencing services. Lexogen is a privately held company, headquartered in Vienna, Austria with a subsidiary in New Hampshire, US.

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Contact person:
Lukas Paul, PhD
Senior Manager of Scientific Affairs

About the RNA Society

The RNA Society represents an organization of over 2000 members worldwide dedicated to fostering research and education in the field of RNA science. It hosts a peer-reviewed scientific journal, RNA, and an annual scientific conference. In addition to being part of a robust scientific community, membership in the RNA Society provides a number of benefits including travel fellowships, publication discounts, RNA-related small conference support, mentorship and professional development opportunities, and the chance to organize your own RNA Salon event!

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Contact person:
Dr. Ute Kothe
RNA Salon administrator, Membership Committee