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LUTHOR 3’ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

  • The first comprehensive 3’ single-cell RNA-Seq
  • Proprietary THOR Technology for direct RNA amplification
  • Unprecedented sensitivity
  • Empower challenging samples

RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kits

  • Depletion of human/mouse/rat, or bacterial rRNA
  • NEW! Combined rRNA and globin mRNA depletion
  • NEW! Innovative probe design minimizing off-target effects
  • 1 ng to 1 µg total RNA input (FFPE compatible)
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QuantSeq-Pool Sample-Barcoded
3’ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

  • Cost-efficient gene expression analysis method
    for screening projects
  • Early pooling and batch processing save time effortlessly
  • Easily scalable from a few to 36,864 samples
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CORALL Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

  • Complete coverage of transcripts from start to end
  • Ready-to-sequence libraries within 4.5 hours
  • Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs) seamlessly included
  • Excellent protocol-inherent strandedness (>99 %)
  • 1 ng to 1 µg of total RNA input
  • Easy all-in-one protocol

TraPR Small RNA Isolation Kit

  • Isolate only fully functional, physiologically relevant silencing sRNAs
  • Save time by using an easy single-column 15-minute workflow
  • Extract high-quality sRNA even from challenging samples
  • Screen for novel sRNAs in uncharacterized samples
  • Simplify downstream analysis and save sequencing cost
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Lexogen is responding to the acute threat
the SARS-CoV-2 virus is posing to all of us

In light of the current grave effects of the COVID-19 emergency on all of us, we first have
implemented actions to ensure the safety of our team. We continue to stay operational
and to help support the research community in fighting this disease.

As a true transcriptomics company we feel obligated and are able to assist with several
key technologies, kits and services to detect and investigate the SARS-CoV-2 RNA virus.

Lexogen 12 nt Unique Dual Index System

  • 384 Unique Dual Indices cover all barcoding needs
  • Rescue of reads maximizes data output and
    saves sequencing costs
  • Universal sets with adjustable read-out length
    accommodate each experiment scale
  • Optimized inter-index distances translate
    into superior index error correction

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Lexogen is a biotech company focusing on RNA and complete transcriptome studies using next generation sequencing technologies.

We have been at the forefront of RNA research since 2007, and our technologies and products are being used by thousands of scientists all over the world. “Lexo” in Greek means “word”, and Lexogen stands for the word of genes, which is the transcriptome. We strive to be the pioneers in this fascinating field of RNA science, and together with the fastest-growing technology of the past years, the next generation sequencing (NGS), we are sure that we can make a big contribution to the world.

Our Products


QuantSeq Expression Profiling Library Prep Kits

QuantSeq kits enable cost-efficient sequencing by counting. These kits are an exceptional alternative to standard RNA-Seq and microarrays. Just one fragment per transcript is produced and therefore there is no need for length normalization. This makes data analysis very simple and accurate. Up to 384 samples can be multiplexed in one lane, saving your sequencing space. QuantSeq is available for 3’ mRNA-Seq and targeted RNA-Seq.

QuantSeq 3′ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit FWD is the best solution for genome-wide gene expression analysis by sequencing towards the poly(A) tail. The kit is available for Illumina and Ion Torrent platforms.

New! QuantSeq-Pool Sample-Barcoded 3′ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit for Illumina is the most convenient solution for gene expression profiling for large screening projects. Using early pooling and batch processing it is easily scalable from a few to 36,864 samples.

QuantSeq 3′ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit REV for Illumina is designed in a way that NGS reads start directly at the 3’ end of transcripts, enabling detailed 3’ UTR analysis and the study of alternative polyadenylation.

QuantSeq-Flex Targeted RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit V2 is designed to make Illumina compatible libraries from any RNA sample using custom primers. It is open for development by advanced RNA-Seq users based on their custom needs.

New! Up to 384 Unique Dual Indices (UDIs) featuring superior error correction for maximal sequencing data output included in new QuantSeq kits (Cat. No. 113 – 115, 129 – 131).


CORALL Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

CORALL is Lexogen’s new stranded total RNA library prep kit with excellent whole transcriptome coverage. CORALL enables streamlined generation of Illumina-compatible libraries within 4.5 hours, featuring seamless integration of Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs) and exceptional protocol-inherent strand specificity (>99%). The fragmentation-free protocol uses Lexogen’s proprietary Strand Displacement Stop and Ligation technologies to deliver complete transcript representation, including start and end sites.

New! Up to 384 Unique Dual Indices (UDIs) featuring superior error correction for maximal sequencing data output included in new CORALL kits (Cat. No. 117 – 119, 132 – 134).

LUTHOR Single Cell Low Input 3mrna Sequencing Library Prep Kit

New! LUTHOR 3’ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

LUTHOR combines the novel THOR (T7 High-resolution Original RNA) Amplification Technology with a highly efficient library preparation for 3’ mRNA-Seq analysis of one individual cell or ultra-low RNA input. It provides unprecedented sensitivity, reproducibility, and a reduction of systematic errors. This template-switch-, ligation- and fragmentation-free protocol enables RNA-Seq even from challenging individual, singularized cells.


New! TraPR Small RNA Isolation Kit

The TraPR Small RNA Isolation Kit isolates functional, physiologically relevant silencing sRNAs from any organism, tissue, cell type, or bio-fluid. In contrast to previous state-of-the-art methods, this innovative 15-minute single-column workflow neither requires prior knowledge of the sample, nor does it involve tedious gel extraction steps or lengthy immuno-precipitation procedures. TraPR thus enables the extraction of high-quality sRNAs even from challenging or uncharacterized material, leading to highly reproducible sequencing results.


Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

Small RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit provides a protocol for generation of small RNA libraries for Illumina sequencing directly from total RNA or enriched small RNA.


SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit

SPLITTM RNA Extraction Kit enables a fast and highly efficient extraction of RNA that is free of genomic DNA contamination. The RNA can be recovered as total RNA or split into a large and a small RNA fraction, facilitating the analysis of e.g. mRNA and miRNA from the same sample. Thus the protocol is ideal for seamlessly preparing libraries for NGS of total RNA or its large and small fractions.

New! SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit for Blood for efficient depletion of globin mRNA during the extraction.


Lexogen Indexing Solutions

Lexogen offers single and dual indexing solutions for all needs. Most common solutions are included in all Lexogen’s library prep kits and additional variations are available as Add-on Kits.

New! 384 Unique Dual Indices with superior error correction for maximal sequencing data output.


SLAMseq Metabolic RNA Labeling Kit for RNA-Seq

SLAMseq is a high-sensitivity method for time-resolved measurement of newly synthesized and existing RNA in cultured cells. SLAMseq enables resolution of RNA synthesis and degradation kinetics.


RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kits

RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kits for Human/Mouse/Rat and for Bacteria enable removal of ribosomal RNA from total RNA and are suited for Next Generation Sequencing as well as other demanding RNA analysis applications.

New! RiboCop HMR V2 with improved performance on degraded RNA samples.
New! Now also available for combined rRNA and globin mRNA depletion.


TeloPrime Full-Length cDNA Amplification Kit V2

TeloPrimeTM Full-Length cDNA Amplification Kit V2 generates full-length cDNA from total RNA. It is highly selective for full-length RNA molecules that are both capped and polyadenylated and therefore no cDNA from degraded RNA is being amplified. High-efficiency PCR produces excellent cDNA yields ideal for downstream long-read sequencing applications.

SIRVs product

SIRVs (Spike-in RNA Variant Control Mixes)

The SIRVs are available as sets of transcripts designed to validate the performance of RNA sequencing workflows and to control individual samples passing through RNA-Seq experiments. They are available in 3 sets.

SIRV-Set 1 (Iso Mix E0, E1, E2) is made for a detailed validation of isoform-specific RNA-seq pipelines.

SIRV-Set 2 (Iso Mix E0) enables the straightforward assessment and control of isoform detection and quantification in each sample.

SIRV-Set 3 (Iso Mix E0 / ERCC) that combines isoforms and non-isoform ERCC transcripts provides controls for examining isoform resolution and dynamic range resolution.

SIRV-Set 4 (Iso Mix E0 / ERCC / Long SIRVs) contains the long SIRV module with 15 RNAs of 4 – 12 kb length in addition to the 69 isoforms and 92 ERCC transcripts of SIRV-Set 3. SIRV-Set 4 covers three spike-in aspects: isoform complexity, abundance, and length.


SENSE mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kits

SENSETM mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kits generate ready-to-sequence libraries with exceptional strand-specificity from low amounts of input RNA within a few hours. SENSE mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kits are available for Illumina sequencing platforms. An automated SENSE mRNA-Seq Library Prep can be performed on the PerkinElmer Sciclone/Zephyr NGS workstations.

What our clients say

“We used the new CORALL kit for performing transcriptome-analysis of CRISPR-modified cells in order to understand the consequences of deregulated epigenetic modifiers. In our hands the kit performance was highly satisfying in terms of data-quality and reproducibility across biological replicates. It furthermore convinced us with the ease of use, clarity of instructions, details in the manual and handling of reagents.“
Dr. Max Koeppel,
Head of the Functional Tumor Genomics Group at Leibniz-Institute DSMZ, Germany
“We have successfully used the Lexogen QuantSeq FWD kit for the preparation of RNAseq libraries over the last year. The kit provides us with a highly cost effective and reliable, fast solution to generate RNAseq libraries that we subsequently use to assess gene expression levels and most importantly to rapidly compile and assess alternative cleavage and polyadenylation profiles. QuantSeq is a cornerstone for our RNAseq based research, in particular as multiplexing allows us to combine it with cost effective sequencing on the Ion Torrent platform.”
André Furger,
Associate Professor, Chromosomal and RNA Biology, Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, UK
“With Lexogen Poly(A) Selection kit I was able to isolate reasonable amount of polyadenylated RNA with no trace of rRNA contamination. I see great advantages of this kit in clear-cut protocol and quite low starting concentration of total RNA that you can easily scale-up based on chosen downstream application. The other thing that should be appreciated is Lexogen customer service that provides you with very high level of support.”
Květoslava Brožinová,
Research Technician, Research Group: ERA Chair – RNA and Immunity, CEITEC, Brno, Czech Republic