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Lexogen proudly presents the new QuantSeq with UDI V2 suite, which takes your research to the next level!

Lexogen proudly presents the new QuantSeq with UDI V2 suite, which takes your research to the next level!

Vienna, October, 2022 – The QuantSeq family is a well-established technology in the world of RNA sequencing, with its unique 3’ end targeting strategy that saves the sequencing space and drastically reduces costs and analytic complexity.

Our researchers refined QuantSeq kits to provide them with even more robustness, ensuring that optimal performance will be guaranteed for any type of sample, including FFPE (Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded) RNA extracts and very low sample inputs (down to 1ng).

“At Lexogen, we simply love RNA. We strive to bring scientists with the ultimate performance and quality, and that is why we also keep developing existing solutions, as the QuantSeq line, to tailor them to their evolving needs. The constant quest for perfection is in our RNA!” – says Filippo Passardi, Product Manager at Lexogen.

The new QuantSeq with UDI V2 kits are proposed as a series of 3’ mRNA-Seq library preparation kits including Lexogen’s patented 12 nucleotide-long Unique Dual Indices (UDI), in five different sets (A1, A2, A3, A4 and B1). These sets are identical to the ones of the original version 1. With the constant increase in sequencing throughput capacities, UDI have now become an essential component of most RNA-Seq libraries, providing the ability to pool and subsequently identify each library during the analysis step. At Lexogen, we made sure to bring scientists the utmost design quality with our ultrapure, single-reaction packaged, optimally designed UDI sets.

For more information about each set, please consult our dedicated FAQ webpage.

If you already have a library preparation kit without UDI (QuantSeq Flex, Reverse, Forward or Pool) our UDI Add-on V2 modules are also available for purchase separately. They are delivered together with an improved PCR system, which can be seamlessly adapted to previous QuantSeq kits. Our modules are also compatible with library preparation kits from other vendors. For more information, please reach out to our specialists at

QuantSeq with UDI V2 kits can of course still be used with the existing modules:

  • PCR Add-on Kit for Illumina 020.96 – to determine the number of amplification cycles, by qPCR
  • Reamplification Add-on Kit 080.96 – to reamplify undercycled libraries (on-demand kit)
  • QuantSeq UMI module 081.96 – to add UMI to your libraries
  • Blocking modules to prevent amplification of over-represented RNA sequences:
    Human globin: 070.96
    Pig globin: 071.96
    Mouse BC1: 167.96

Product-Configurator-IconNot sure which QuantSeq RNA-Seq product is right for you?

Try the QuantSeq Configurator and find the ideal kit for your application in less than 2 minutes!

If you find yourself still having questions – feel free to drop us a line at

About Lexogen

Established in 2007, Lexogen is a leading company in transcriptomics, next-generation sequencing, and RNA analysis. The mission of the Lexogen team is to empower their customers with innovative top quality RNA analysis solutions and support, in order to improve health and well-being for everyone and our planet. Lexogen is the leader in 3’ RNA sequencing, a technology proven for its efficiency, its robustness, and its sensitivity. Lexogen’s portfolio includes innovative kits for true single-cell as well as bulk RNA Sequencing, RNA purification and ribosomal RNA depletion, spike-in RNA variant controls, and metabolic RNA labeling. Lexogen also provides first-class, fully integrated RNA analysis services from experimental design to analytical reporting.
Lexogen is a privately held company, headquartered in Vienna, Austria with a subsidiary in New Hampshire, USA.

To learn more, visit and follow @lexogen.

Contact person:
Amra Dedic
Communication and Event Manager
Tel.: +43 660 69 66 045

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