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Lexogen launches end-to-end solutions for FFPE Transcriptomics

Lexogen launches end-to-end solutions for FFPE Transcriptomics

Lexogen, a biotech company dedicated to advancing RNA research with innovative RNA-Seq products, is pleased to introduce solutions specifically optimized for transcriptomics from challenging FFPE samples.

Transcriptome profiling of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples, often referred to as “biobank” samples, provides invaluable information to researchers, especially those studying cancer, drug design and development. However, FFPE samples represent one of the most challenging materials to obtain high-quality RNA-Seq data from, as RNA isolated from FFPE samples is often highly degraded and chemically modified.

Drawing from years of experience with transcriptome sequencing from FFPE samples, Lexogen has developed new solutions and carefully optimized established technologies to provide convenient workflows from FFPE sample extraction to data analysis.

Lexogen’s FFPE Transcriptomics line includes the SPLIT One-Step FFPE RNA Extraction Kit, QuantSeq FFPE 3′ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit for gene expression profiling, and CORALL FFPE Whole Transcriptome RNA-Seq with a seamlessly integrated gDNA removal step for whole transcriptome RNA-Seq.

The SPLIT One-Step FFPE RNA Extraction Kit allows easy and effective extraction of RNA from FFPE samples in less than 2 hours. Optimized decrosslinking, paraffin and detergent removal steps result in superior RNA quality and yield from this challenging material, ideal for RNA-Seq.

QuantSeq FFPE generates Illumina-compatible libraries from polyadenylated RNA in 4.5 hours, using total RNA as input. QuantSeq FFPE is the perfect choice for gene expression profiling studies of FFPE samples. The cost-saving 3’ sequencing approach enables mRNA-focused readout and exceptional scalability to hundreds and thousands of samples.

“QuantSeq FFPE results from more than a decade of experience in 3′ sequencing. We optimized our proven technology and validated it on various FFPE tissues from different organs and species, tumors, and normal-matched samples. Built-in UMIs, optimized reagents, and protocol lead to superior performance and data quality from FFPE material, advancing expression profiling and drug target identification. Combined with SPLIT One-Step FFPE RNA Extraction, sequencing-ready libraries are prepared in less than 7 hours – saving our customers their valuable time. Our whole transcriptome workflow centered around RiboCop and CORALL FFPE technologies supplements gene expression profiling, allowing insights into non-coding RNAs, biomarkers, variants, and fusions driving carcinogenesis and cancer progression.” says Torsten Reda, Chief Scientific Officer at Lexogen. 

CORALL FFPE Whole Transcriptome encompasses a fragmentation-free protocol for rRNA depletion and library generation with exceptional sensitivity for low-input and low-quality FFPE samples (down to DV200 below 10 %). The technology ensures improved transcript coverage, ideal for variant and fusion transcript detection.

QuantSeq FFPE and CORALL FFPE are compatible with SPLIT One-Step FFPE RNA Extraction, include purification solutions and Unique Dual Indices, and come with complimentary data analysis on Lexogen’s Kangooroo data analysis platform. No hidden costs or additional purchases are needed.

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About Lexogen

Lexogen is a biotech company that specializes in advancing RNA research. With headquarters in Vienna, Austria, and a subsidiary in the USA, Lexogen has been at the forefront of RNA-Seq research since 2007. Lexogen developed innovative technologies such as 3′ sequencing, which has been widely adopted by thousands of scientists worldwide. Besides offering a versatile proprietary portfolio of products covering single-cell and bulk RNA sequencing, RNA extraction, rRNA depletion, spike-in RNA variant controls, and RNA kinetics, Lexogen also provides first-class end-to-end NGS services, which include everything from experimental design to bioinformatics. 

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