Lexogen’s WIN and LEARN virtual event!

Small RNA extraction for RNAi research presents many hurdles to researchers. Current methods either have low specificity / sensitivity for RNA species of interest, are tedious and laborious or are expensive and require highly specialized knowledge for specific sample types.

The TraPR (Trans-kingdom, rapid, affordable Purification of RISCs) kit from Lexogen combines all the strengths and eliminates weaknesses of the previous available methods. Extract all known functional small RNAs of interest while avoiding degraded and non-relevant small RNA, from all eukaryotic samples based on conserved principles of the minimal RISC complex.

This virtual seminar is organized together with the Genomics Core Facility of the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. In this virtual WIN & LEARN you will discover the principal behind TraPR, details of the protocol and data behind the features and benefits for the small RNA researcher.



Yvonne Goepel, PhD
Technical Product Manager


Josh Franken
Central US Sales Manager

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