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High-Throughput Kinetic RNA Sequencing

SLAMseq Data Analysis

SLAMseq enables transcriptome-wide analysis of RNA synthesis and turnover by measuring nascent RNA expression and transcript stability. SLAMseq combines labeling of newly synthesized RNA transcripts with RNA-Seq readout. SLAMseq can be coupled with whole transcriptome sequencing, 3’ mRNA-Seq, single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-Seq), or long-read sequencing technologies.

SLAMseq data allows transcript half-life estimation and analysis of differential RNA production or decay. Thus, SLAMseq enhances temporal resolution of gene expression and identifies primary and secondary transcriptional targets. SLAMseq uncovers effects of fast-acting drugs and drug candidate at higher resolution than conventional methods and is therefore a powerful tool for drug discovery.

The SLAMdunk analysis pipeline is optimized for analyzing sequencing data generated with our 3’ mRNA-Seq technology QuantSeq. We recommend using SLAMdunk as described by Herzog et al. (2017) Nature Methods. DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.4435. This modified alignment algorithm is specially adapted to report read counts for T>C containing reads for downstream analysis.

At Lexogen Bioinformatics Services, we offer customized SLAMseq data analysis options, such as SLAMseq data analysis for whole transcriptome sequencing and transcript half-life estimation.

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