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Covid-19 Response

Continuous Operation / Safety

We have rapidly implemented actions to ensure the safety of our team. We continue to stay operational and want to support the research community in fighting this disease.

Lexogen is committed to help “flatten the curve” and we are following all official rules and guidelines for safeguarding our communities.

Our Austrian and US sites are open to serve our customers worldwide, and we will rapidly adapt to changing situations to maintain essential operations for our manufacturing, distribution, support and service activities.

Should we experience any delays that impact our customers we will be contacting those affected directly. If you have any concerns regarding ongoing projects or product shipments, please do reach out using your normal point of contact, or contact us at

Lexogen Kits for SARS-CoV-2 Research

Lexogen provides products, and services that can support SARS-CoV-2 research, and below you will find a short description of products that will specifically accelerate and empower your viral research.

SPLIT™ RNA Extraction Kit: a universal kit for the isolation of RNA from diverse sources. SPLIT has been previously shown to effectively extract HIV, HCV, and HEV RNA from human plasma samples.

RIBOCOP™ rRNA Depletion Kit and Poly(A) RNA Selection Kit: a depletion kit for the efficient removal of ribosomal RNA, making low abundant viral RNA accessible for analysis by RNA sequencing. Alternatively, our Poly(A) RNA Selection Kit offers the opportunity to select for 3’ polyadenylated RNAs (such as cellular mRNAs and coronavirus transcripts).

CORALL™ Total RNA-Seq Library Preparation: universal NGS library preparation kit for analysis of RNA on Illumina short-read platforms. Its high sensitivity and superior 5’-end to 3’-end coverage makes it an ideal choice for RNA viruses such as SARS-CoV-2.

QUANTSEQ™-FLEX Targeted RNA-Seq Library Preparation Kit: a customizable NGS library preparation kit which allows researchers to amplify user-defined regions of interest. Researchers can design custom primers to detect viral RNA based on available diagnostic RT-PCR assays or published viral genome sequences.

TELOPRIME™ Full-Length cDNA Synthesis and Amplification Kit: a kit for the synthesis of full-length cDNA from polyadenylated and capped RNA. Virology has benefited widely from this combination, with several viral RNA genomes having been previously sequenced using TeloPrime and the Oxford Nanopore platform.

For further details, please read this blog article.

Our biggest gratitude goes out to those on the front lines fighting this pandemic. We thank you!

Alexander Seitz
CEO and Founder



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Product Short Description


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