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Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting is certainly one of the main Next Generation Sequencing events of the year which brings together the latest advances in technology, software, applications, data resources and public policy. AGBT consists of multiple scientific sessions, industry workshops and networking events allowing sharing of experience and the latest ideas in the field of sequencing.

Attending AGBT 2020? Working with RNA? Drop by the Lexogen Lanai suite 289 and learn about our portfolio of kits and services for RNA analysis; new releases; and get a free consultation from our RNA experts.

Our suite will be open beginning Sunday (February 23) afternoon. If you want to pre-schedule a meeting, please fill in this form and we will make sure that the right expert is available when you are visiting.

Monday (February 24)

1:30 PM – 3:00 PM @ Banyan and Calusa Ballroom Foyer Levels 1 and 3

Lexogen table at the poster session

Meet us at the Lexogen sponsored poster session. Drop by our table in Banyan and Calusa Ballroom Foyers Level 1 and 3 for an RNA-Seq chat and to grab an RNAtor T-shirt.

5:30 PM – 7:15 PM @ Lexogen Lanai suite 289

Dinner and new product presentation


Join us for a dinner and learn about the latest Lexogen product updates. During this dinner we will present a new highly effective ribosomal depletion kit for bacteria.

Please register for this event to reserve your spot.

Get the most out of your data with the latest updates for CORALL Total RNA-Seq

Yvonne Goepel, Research Scientist (Kit Development)

Common Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library preparations depend on fragmentation which may cause difficulties during transcript quantification. CORALL is a fast and highly reliable total RNA library preparation method with inherent strand-specificity that is free from fragmentation bias and allows accurate transcript expression profiling. Integration of unique molecular identifiers (UMIs) and CORALL’s exceptional accuracy at transcriptional start and end sites improve isoform identification and quantification. After release a year ago, Lexogen has added unique features for customer convenience, including a scalable 12-nt unique dual indexing (UDI) system with superior error correction and validated data analysis workflows that are easily accessible on commonly used platforms.

New RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit for Bacteria

Alex Mojcher, Application Scientist

The current landscape of NGS technology is regularly utilized for RNA-Seq methods to explore bacterial transcriptomics. Lexogen has developed a highly effective ribosomal depletion kit for bacteria using an affinity probe method. Bacterial RNA consists of up to 98% ribosomal content that must be depleted ahead of transcriptomic analysis. Lexogen’s Ribocop rRNA Depletion Kits for Bacteria remove 23S, 16S, and 5S rRNA from both monocultures and mixed bacterial samples ranging from 1 ng to 1 µg total RNA. Input RNA from intact as well as degraded material may be used, making this a powerful tool for studying the bacterial transcriptome.

09:30 PM @ Lexogen Lanai suite 289

RNAtor cocktail party


When the talks are over, and you want to unwind and meet your peers from around the world, we will open our suite for RNAtor cocktail party. Drop by, meet our RNA experts, and other guests!

Tuesday (February 25)

8:30 AM – 8:55 AM @ BlueBee suite Osprey 6

Lexogen & BlueBee: Taking you from RNA to data analysis

Lukas Paul, Lexogen, Senior Manager of Scientific Affairs

Mike Kubal, BlueBee, Field Application Scientist

Join us to learn more about automated data analysis pipelines for Lexogen RNA-Seq kits on the BlueBee platform.

Espresso will be provided!

BlueBee Genomics platform was discontinued. For more information and data analysis options available, please visit

09:30 PM @ Lexogen Lanai suite 289

Austrian lounge


Join us for a taste of Austrian spirits & beers and a prize drawing!



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