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Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting is certainly one of the main Next Generation Sequencing events of the year which brings together the latest advances in technology, software, applications, data resources and public policy. AGBT consists of multiple scientific sessions, industry workshops and networking events allowing sharing of experience and the latest ideas in the field of sequencing.

Attending AGBT 2019? Working with RNA? Drop by the Lexogen Lanai suite 190 and learn about our portfolio of kits and services for RNA analysis; new releases; and get a free consultation from our RNA experts.

Our suite will be open beginning Wednesday (February 27) afternoon. If you want to pre-schedule a meeting, please fill in this form and we will make sure that the right expert is available when you are visiting.


Thursday (February 28)

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM @ Banyan Ballroom, Level 1

Lexogen table at the Poster session

Meet us at the Lexogen sponsored poster session with coffee & dessert. Drop by our table in the Banyan Ballroom for a chat and to grab some literature.

5:30 PM – 7:30 PM @ Lexogen Lanai suite 190

Dinner and new products presentation

Join us for a dinner and learn about the latest Lexogen product updates. During this dinner we will present a new kit for Total RNA-Seq library prep and upgrade of the TeloPrime Full-Length cDNA Amplification KitPlease register for this event.

The TeloPrime V2 upgrade will leverage the use of long read Next Generation Sequencing for transcriptome studies. TeloPrime is based on Lexogen’s unique Cap-Dependent Linker Ligation and long reverse transcription technology, capturing mRNAs via their 3’-poly(A)-tails and the 5’-cap in the same prep. The resulting cDNA provides a faithful representation of the transcriptome with superior 5’ cap specificity and is ideally suited for long read NGS analyses, on PacBio™ and Oxford Nanopore™ instruments.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce the release of Lexogen’s brand-new Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit! This advanced library prep protocol is based on Lexogen’s proprietary RNA technologies and provides a fast, easy, reliable, and cost-efficient approach to generate cDNA libraries for sequencing on Illumina® platforms. If you want to know more, join us for this dinner talk.


09:30 PM @ Lexogen Lanai suite 190

Hawaiian party and cocktail happy hour

When the talks are over, and you want to unwind and meet your peers from around the world, we will open our suite for a cocktail happy hour and Hawaiian party. Drop by, meet our RNA experts, and other guests!


Friday (March 1)

7 AM – 8:00 AM @ Meeting point at the terrace of the Lexogen Lanai suite 190

Morning run

Join us for an energizing morning run. The runners will be presented a Lexogen water bottle afterwards. The group size is limited. Register to secure a spot.


09:30 PM @ Lexogen Lanai suite 190

Lexogen lounge and schnapps tasting

We invite you to join us for the traditional schnapps testing session in our suite.


Meet our team at AGBT!

Stop by Lexogen Lanai suite 190. Our AGBT team is looking forward to meeting you!


 Alexander Seitz
CEO and Founder

Dalia Daujotyte
CCO | Chief Commercial Officer

Lukas Paul
Senior Manager of Scientific Affairs

Jekaterina Aleksejeva
Senior Marketing Manager


Alex Mojcher
Application Scientist

Martina Sauert
Product Manager

Jeff Hudson
North American Sales Manager

Kristy Ramsey
Technical Sales Manager –
West Coast



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