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‘Big data’ is delivering on its promise to improve drug development, with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) decoding disease much cheaper than previous technologies, and high-throughput workflows decoding network biology much faster. Ochre Bio’s approach is firmly rooted in such computational and systems-driven learning. However, the company’s goal is also to decode substantially better, by deep phenotyping of human organs.

In this webinar, Dr. Quin Wills will provide a brief overview of functional genomic trends in drug discovery, followed by a recently completed project to spatially sequence 1000 human livers over the early NAFLD spectrum. He’ll end with how he believes this can transform the study of age-related chronic diseases that have long silent clinical trajectories before presenting with complications.

Lukas Paul, PhD, Product Manager at Lexogen, will then present Lexogen’s Service portfolio covering the whole workflow from consultation to reporting. He will also highlight how spike-in controls can contribute to RNA-Seq quality control.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Translational trends in deep phenotyping genomics
  • The applications of spatial sequencing and imaging AI to dissect pathological changes in the liver with age and obesity
  • How difficult samples (including FFPE-derived RNA) can be analysed
  • How spike-in controls can contribute to RNA-Seq quality control

Speaker’s biography

Dr. Quin Wills
Co-founder and CSO
Ochre Bio

Quin is an MD, with further degrees in genetics, mathematics and computational biology and a doctorate in systems genomics. He founded his first liver drug genomics company 15 years ago, has steered research consortia that use genomics tools such as single-cell sequencing and most recently founded the advanced genomics department for a leading pharma before returning to the world of biotech with Ochre Bio.


Lukas Paul, PhD
Product Manager

Lukas Paul holds a PhD in Biomolecular Sciences from the University of Manchester and has researched several aspects of RNA biology before developing RNA-Seq kits, Services and Scientific Affairs at Lexogen. In his current position, Lukas Paul manages Lexogen’s product portfolio part that includes Services, external controls, metabolic labeling, data analysis and custom design.