RNA-sequencing (RNA-seq) provides information on gene expression and transcript structure. RNA-seq is widely used to study molecular mechanisms underlying development and disease in both humans and model organisms. Such studies benefit from large sample sizes that include biological variables such as sex. However, manual preparation of RNA-seq libraries is limited in scale and remains a potential source of unwanted variation.

In this webcast, the speakers present their experience and insights with automating RNA-seq library production. They will discuss the application of their first automated RNA-seq protocol, which profiles the 3’ ends of transcripts. Using this method, they studied the gene expression dynamics of the mouse pituitary gland during postnatal development to identify sex-specific gene expression modules. Finally, they discuss their ongoing experience with this method, as well as other automated RNA-seq library prep methods that have diagnostic potential in a clinical setting.

In this webinar you can learn:

  • How to establish and evaluate automated RNA-seq library methods.
  • How you can take advantage of automated 3’ UTR-seq library preparation to scale up the study of gene expression in model organisms.
  • Important considerations when implementing automated RNA-seq library methods in a clinical setting.

Speakers’ biography


Dr. Michael D. Wilson
Canada Research Chair in Comparative Genomics
University of Toronto

Dr. Wilson did his PhD in Dr. Ben Koop’s lab (University of Victoria) and postdoctoral training with Duncan Odom (Cambridge University). He leads a research group that uses genomic technologies, multi-species comparisons, bioinformatics and CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing to uncover gene regulatory mechanisms that impact developmental and disease processes.


Dr. Kyoko E. Yuki
Project Coordinator, Genetics & Genome Biology Program
SickKids Research Institute, University of Toronto

Dr. Yuki received a B.Sc in Biochemistry before completing a Ph.D in Human Genetics with Dr. Danielle Malo at McGill University. She was subsequently recruited to SickKids Research Institute by Dr. Wilson and Dr. Adam Shlien to implement and coordinate automated RNA-seq methods for both research and clinical projects.


Dr. Huayun Hou
Bioinformatician, Genetics & Genome Biology Program
SickKids Research Institute, University of Toronto

Dr. Hou received her B.Sc from Peking University and recently completed her Ph.D in the Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto with Dr. Wilson. She is currently a Staff Bioinformatician at SickKids Research Institute and uses computational methods to gain insight into development and disease processes.