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What QuantSeq Can Do for You

QuantSeq is a well-established 5-step mRNA-Seq library prep, finished in only 4.5 hours, and enabling highly multiplexed NGS experiments – even with FFPE samples!

Lexogen-QuantSeq-Icon_Time saving

Time saving

Time saving

QuantSeq offers a fast and fully automatable 3’ mRNA-Seq workflow with half as many pipetting steps as conventional mRNA-Seq library preps.


Cost saving

Cost saving

QuantSeq generates only one read per transcript freeing up sequencing depth to multiplex more samples per lane, ultimately lowering sequencing cost per sample.


Proven technology

Proven technology

QuantSeq simplifies RNA-Seq projects all over the world and was used in over 900 publications.

Challenging samples

Challenging samples

QuantSeq’s robust protocol enables expression profiling of challenging samples types, such as FFPE-derived or degraded RNA, including RNA from biofluids.

Facts about QuantSeq

4.5 hrs

Protocol time

RNA-Seq library prep in only 4.5 hours from RNA to ready-to-sequence library



Hundreds of publications citing the successful use of QuantSeq

36,864 samples

Samples per run

Multiplexing of up to 36,864 samples possible with QuantSeq-Pool


Saved pipet tips

20x less consumables with QuantSeq-Pool than with conventional mRNA-Seq

QuantSeq Compared to Other mRNA-Seq Methods

QuantSeq is completed in only 5 steps and does not require any RNA pre-processing such as mRNA selection. Thus, QuantSeq offers an accelerated workflow in comparison to conventional mRNA-Seq methods and requires only half the hands-on steps (26 pipetting steps for QuantSeq vs. >50 for conventional mRNA-Seq library preparation), saving valuable time and consumables. The streamlined workflow also renders QuantSeq highly robust and less sensitive to handling variations.

QuantSeq intro - Comparison Graphic

Technical Details

For more technical details about QuantSeq performance and applications, please visit our QuantSeq product page.