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Lexogen Data Analysis Solutions

Lexogen’s automated data analysis solution

At Lexogen, we offer an automated solution for QuantSeq and CORALL data analysis based on our state-of-the-art proprietary pipeline. Thus, every user, even without bioinformatics experience, can analyze RNA-seq data in a convenient and fast way. More information and details about Lexogen’s data analysis pipeline can be found here.

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How To Submit Your Data Analysis Request?

1. Download the Sample File and fill it in according to  these instructions.
2. Go to the Data analysis request page. Fill in the form by providing the following information:

  • The name of your institution
  • Your activation code
  • The analysis pipeline you want to use to analyze your data, i.e., Quantseq FWD, Quantseq FWD with UMIs or Quantseq REV. Please, ensure that the requested data analysis pipeline corresponds to your activation code.
  • The number of samples you want to analyze
  • The number of fastq files you want to analyze
  • The genome you want to use for your analysis
  • Upload your filled-in Sample File

To access and edit your request, please create an account on our Lexogen customer portal by following the instructions on the page.

Upon successful verification of your activation code, our service will generate an account for you on our sftp server, to which you can upload your fastq files.

NOTE! Data Analysis on Lexogen’s data analysis solution is available for a various range of species. In addition, reference genomes for new species can be added upon request. Please note this will incur a fee. See Lexogen’s Data Analysis Solutions for further details.

Helpful Information

The following FAQs can be particularly helpful, as they include details of the various steps required to submit a Data Analysis Request:

  1. Where do I find the Lexogen Data Analysis Request in the Customer Portal?
  2. How do I submit a request for data analysis after BlueBee® discontinuation?
  3. How do I fill in the Sample File?
  4. How do I specify to merge my files in my Sample File?
  5. How to upload and download my data?

For more information, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions.

For further questions, please contact our Technical Support team at

Discontinuation of BlueBee® Genomics Platform

Following the decision made by Illumina to cancel our contract with the BlueBee® Genomics platform, we are sorry to inform you that QuantSeq and SLAMdunk and CORALL Data Analysis Solutions on the Bluebee® platform were discontinued.

NOTE! The BlueBee® Genomics platform was only the interface which hosted Lexogen’s proprietary data analysis pipeline. This pipeline, previously available on Bluebee, has been further developed and tested by Lexogen’s bioinformatics team and implemented into automatic Lexogen’s data analysis solution, which has already served a significant number of customers.



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