The Annual Conference of the German Genetics Society (GfG) in Kiel showed recent work in genetics of recombination, plant organelles, rapid adaption in pathogens, plant development, plant breeding, fungi, cancer, as well as epigenetics. Emmanuelle Charpentier gave a keynote lecture on her impressive work on CRISPR/Cas, and gene editing systems were at the heart of many talks. We matched this scientific orientation by presenting a talk on “QuantSeq 3’ mRNA sequencing for fast and efficient gene expression quantification” to emphasis the difference between the use of tag profiling and whole transcriptome sequencing in determining gene expression, and why 3’ tag profiling by QuantSeq is the highly sensitive, robust and straightforward method of choice for this application.

At the end of days full of talking shop on most aspects of RNA-seq – from RNA extraction to library preparation, the use of external RNA standards to bioinformatics evaluation – a the beautiful autumn weather lured us to the cruise-ship and ferry filled harbor, beautiful sunsets included.