In this webinar, you will learn about Lexogen’s CORALL Total RNA-Seq workflow and ready-to-use data analysis on the BlueBee Genomics Platform.

  • Fast and cost-efficient generation of UMI-labelled stranded libraries for whole transcriptome analyses using Illumina® NGS platforms
  • Facilitated data residency
  • Fast and user-friendly data mapping and calculation of gene expression values
  • Streamlined workflow and simplified data analysis
  • GDPR and other data regulations compliance
  • On-demand access to computational resources and storage for any scale
  • Secure sharing of data with collaborators
  • Access to BlueBee’s large-scale data aggregation and mining tools



Martina Sauert, PhD
Product Manager, Lexogen

Andreas Klingenhoff
Field Application Scientist, BlueBee

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Learn more about CORALL Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit here.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate contacting us at info@lexogen.com.