The Lexogen UDI 12 nt Unique Dual Indexing Add-on Kits contain up to 384 pre-mixed UDIs. Two 96-well plate format index sets are available: Sets A1 – A4 for Workflow A and Set B1 for Workflow B (see Table below).

Illumina Instruments Workflow Cat. No.
NovaSeq™ 6000
HiSeq® 3000/4000 (SR)
HiSeq® 2000/2500
A 107-110.96 and 120.384
113.96 and 115.384 (QuantSeq FWD)
117.96 and 119.384 (CORALL)
NextSeq™ 500/550
HiSeq® 3000/4000 (PE)
MiniSeq™ 6000
B 111.96
114.96 (QuantSeq FWD)
118.96 (CORALL)

The UDIs are introduced at the PCR step of following library preparation kits: QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq FWD and REV (Cat. No. 015 and 016), QuantSeq-Flex (Cat. No. 033, 034, 035), CORALL Total RNA-Seq (Cat. No. 095, 096), SENSE mRNA-Seq V2 for Illumina (Cat. No. 001), and others. For further questions, please contact

The UDI 12 nt Unique Dual Indexing Sets are also available in the QuantSeq-FWD and CORALL with UDI kits (Cat. No. 113 – 115 and 117 – 119, respectively).

  • Kit features:
    • Up to 384 Unique Dual Indices (UDIs) for high-level multiplexing
    • 12 nt long indices with read-out options of 12, 10, and 8 nt
    • Optimized sets for different workflows on Illumina machines
    • Maximal inter-index distance for each sample size enables efficient error correction
    • Online Error Correction Tool
    • Maximizing sequencing data output
  • Kit size: 96 or 384 rxns of each UDI (1 rxn/UDI)
  • Compatibility information
    • Product: Lexogen’s CORALL Total RNA-Seq, QuantSeq, and SENSE mRNA-Seq V2 as well as any RNA and DNA sequencing library prep methods utilizing TruSeq™ – compatible stubby adapters (where partial Illumina adapters are introduced during the workflow and completed with the index information during the library amplification step).
    • Platform: Illumina