The SLAMdunk software on the BlueBee platform allows easy analysis of sequencing data from a SLAMseq experiment. The user uploads compressed fastq files and selects the appropriate species. After processing the data, SLAMdunk outputs statistics about T->C conversion rates and alignments falling into unique 3’ UTR regions. In addition, SLAMdunk produces further statistical and diagnostic information. The results can be downloaded in batch or individually from the BlueBee platform. For using your activation code register an account with BlueBee ( and upload your data (fastq.gz files).

A run describes the data analysis run for a certain number of samples. The allocated size of the purchased coupon in GB reflects the size per run with a maximum data input. E.g. if you have a coupon of 12 GB, you can run as many samples as you need but not exceeding total of 12 GB per run. This can be 24 samples of 500 MB each or 48 samples of 250 MB each etc.
IMPORTANT! Please note that one coupon allows one run not exceeding allocated size. Unused GB will be lost.

NOTE! Please be aware that the SLAMdunk/BlueBee codes are currently not automatically generated. It might therefore take up to one working day for you to receive your valid code.