The SENSE Total RNA-Seq Libray Prep Kit is a complete strand-specific library preparation protocol starting from rRNA depleted or poly(A) selected RNA and can be used with intact as well as highly degraded RNA input (incl. FFPE).

The SENSE Total RNA-Seq Libray Prep Kit is offered in different kit sizes as a stand-alone kit, as well as a combination with RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit. RiboCop rRNA Depletion Kit enables removal of ribosomal RNA from human total RNA and is suited for Next Generation Sequencing as well as other demanding RNA analysis applications.

For multiplexing of up to 384 samples/lane, the Lexogen i5 6 nt Dual Indexing Add-on Kit (Cat. No. 047) can be used that allows the dual indexing with four additional i5 indices.

NOTE: As of February 2019 barcode plates have been renamed to Lexogen i7 6 nt Index Set (7001-7096). An evaluation tool to check the color balance of index subsets is available here.

Features and Application:

  • gene expression profiling
  • whole transcriptome sequencing
  • alternative splicing
  • discovery and quantification of antisense transcripts and overlapping genes
  • analysis of non poly(A) RNA

System Compatibility:

  • HiSeq 2000/2500/3000/4000
  • NextSeq 500/550
  • MiSeq
  • Genome Analyzer

Kit Contents:

  • Reagent Box
  • Lexogen i7 6 nt Index Set (formerly named: i7 Index Plate) with i7 indices 7001 – 7008, 7001-7024 or 7001-7096 depending on the kit size (8, 24, 96 preps)
  • Purification Module with Magnetic Beads
  • 2 User Guides (for intact RNA and highly degraded RNA (incl. FFPE))