PROMOTION! During the promotional period until December 31, 2020 the extra QuantSeq data analysis codes for 1.5 GB input are offered free of charge. Limited number of codes available. No cash or credit reimbursement can be requested. You can also enquire a code directly from stating the kit size(s) you have purchased and the type of the kit (FWD/FWD-UMI, REV).

The QuantSeq data analysis pipelines on the BlueBee® Genomics Platform offer the opportunity to analyze QuantSeq samples in a convenient and fast way, even without bioinformatics experience.

The pipelines on the BlueBee® Genomics Platform are accessible through a complimentary code provided with QuantSeq kits. Activation codes for additional runs can be purchased from Lexogen via the webshop. For using your activation code register an account with BlueBee ( and upload your data (fastq.gz files).

Additional Activation codes are available for purchase in single run, or 24-run packages. A run is defined as the analysis of 1 fastq file using the QuantSeq FWD, FWD-UMI, or REV, Data Analysis Pipeline.

NOTE! Please be aware that the BlueBee® activation codes are currently not automatically generated. It might therefore take up to one working day for you to receive your valid code. Activation codes registered after September 20, 2018 are valid for two years.


  • Activation code for 24 runs for standard data analysis (up to 1.5 GB per fastq(.gz) file).
  • Individual codes for additional data analysis runs with large input file sizes up to 3 or 6 GB.