CORALL Data Analysis on Bluebee® Platform

//CORALL Data Analysis on Bluebee® Platform

CORALL Data Analysis on Bluebee® Platform

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*During the promotional period until August 31, 2020 the CORALL pipeline on the Bluebee® Genomics Platform is accessible through a complimentary code provided with the CORALL kit upon its purchase.

Please contact if activation codes for additional runs are required.

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The CORALL Data Analysis Pipeline on the BlueBee® Genomics Platform offers the opportunity to analyze CORALL samples in a convenient and fast way, even without bioinformatics experience. It enables CORALL kit users to perform read quality control, mapping, Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI) deduplication, and transcript quantification.

Each Activation Code enables 24 data analysis runs (i.e., 24 fastq.gz files may be analyzed). Reference genomes for various species are available (please contact for more information).

NOTE! Please be aware that the purchased Bluebee® activation codes are currently not automatically generated. It might therefore take up to one working day for you to receive your valid code.

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