The QuantSeq 3’ mRNA-Seq Library Prep Kit for Illumina® is a library preparation protocol designed to generate Illumina compatible libraries of sequences close to the 3’ end of polyadenylated RNA.

QuantSeq offers a complete solution for cost-efficient gene expression profiling and alternative polyadenylation studies, which has already been featured in more than 600 scientific publications.

QuantSeq’s benefits include:

  • Highly efficient alternative to standard RNA-Seq and microarrays for gene expression profiling
  • Possibility to work with low RNA input (down to 100 pg total RNA)
  • Applicability for low quality and FFPE samples
  • Cost-saving single-read sequencing of up to 9,216 samples/lane
  • Elimination of the PCR bias by using Lexogen’s Unique Molecular Identifiers (UMIs)
  • Simplified data analysis based on counting
  • Cost-saving and streamlined globin mRNA depletion as an optional part of the protocol

The QuantSeq data analysis pipeline is available on the OnRamp Platform ROSALIND. It allows Lexogen’s customers to analyse, interpret, and collaborate globally on differential gene expression analysis projects without the need for specialized bioinformatics or programming skills.

From September 1, 2020 through January 1, 2021 every Lexogen customer purchasing a QuantSeq kit (FWD and REV) is eligible for 24 free runs on ROSALIND. To make use of the offer:

This offer has been extended for 6 more months and will last until July 1, 2021.

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