Last week we had the darts tournament at Campus Vienna Biocenter. In the cafeteria of the Institute of Molecular Pathology we have gathered many people from the diverse institutions, e.g. Gregor Mendel Institute, Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Max F. Perutz Laboratories and Institute of Molecular Pathology. More than 100 people have participated in the contest. Check out our photo report.


Figure 1. The set up. Nothing is more Viennese than coffee and Sacher torte.


Figure 2. Warm welcoming Andreas from the local NGS facility.


Figure 3. Tough competition was there. Alexander Seitz, the CEO and founder of Lexogen, is shooting.


Figure 4. Some serious talks about RNA-Seq in between of darts and coffee with Sacher torte.

And the lucky winner of the pizza for his lab is Marco Sealey from the University of Vienna. Congratulations!!!

It was a lot of fun and we look forward to the next Lexogen event at Campus Vienna Biocenter!