This autumn we have held our second in 2016 Lexogen Research Award. This time the topic of the contest was “Controlling RNA-Seq Experiments Using SIRVs”.

The award goal was to offer a chance for researchers to utilize more RNA sequencing in their upcoming projects and to include the new spike-ins for controlling precious experiments.

Every experiment requires controls. Hardly anyone would run an RNA gel without a ladder, but so far transcriptomes have been mostly sequenced without the use of external standards. Lexogen addresses this issue by providing new Spike-in RNA Variant Control Mixes (SIRVs).

We have received a large number of excellent applications. With the help of 3 independent judges we have selected three winners, who will be getting SIRVs and one lane run of Illumina HiSeq 2500 with 2 x 125 bp reads. 

And the happy winners are: 

  • Bertille Montibus

    Institution: Wellcome Trust – Medical Research Council – Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
    Recommendation program: Dr. Brian Hendrich

  • Mary K. Thompson

    Institution: University of Oxford
    Recommendation program: Ana Palanca

  • Nicholas Schurch

    Institution: University of Dundee

Learn more about the award.