No eclipse of science was observed at the Eukaryotic mRNA processing meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL)

Only the moon but not a cloud cover was able to get between the sun and beautiful Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA last week. Over 300 RNA scientists presented and discussed their latest findings in all steps of RNA processing – RNA modification, splicing, 3’ end processing, polyadenylation, and RNA decay during the Eukaryotic mRNA Processing meeting on August 22-26.


Figure 1. The Great American Solar Eclipse.

Figure 2. Sunny CSHL campus.

Lexogen was honored to sponsor and contribute to this meeting by matching RNA-seq needs of the attendees with its product portfolio. Lexogen’s unique Spike-In RNA Variant Control Mixes (SIRVs) were of particular interest at the meeting, since they enable the testing of RNA-Seq pipelines for their ability to detect and quantify also complex splice products. Moreover, the new SIRV-Set 3 brings together these isoform controls with the non-isoform ERCC controls, providing a comprehensive reference for abundance and isoform complexity.

Figure 3. Lexogen booth at the meeting.


Figure 4. CSHL campus.