Lexogen has selected one of the projects proposals where strand-specific mRNA sequencing is essential and will support it with necessary sample prep, sequencing and bioinformatics.

Lexogen’s new SENSE mRNA-Seq kit gives researchers the power to analyze antisense transcription like never before. By eliminating the causes of false-positive antisense reads created by conventional RNA-Seq kits, SENSE delivers unprecedented strand-specificity (>99.9%) and gives the confidence that every antisense read originates from an antisense transcript. Lexogen is glad to provide this great tool for projects where strand-specific mRNA sequencing is essential.

One month ago Lexogen invited scientists to submit a project proposal in which they described how they would take advantage of the exceptional strand-specificity that SENSE provides.

The application deadline was March 31st, 2013. The submitted proposals were reviewed by an in-house committee.

Today Lexogen is glad to announce the winner of “Win your SENSE Study” award.

The project “Fusion genes upon infection: missing link to cancer” from the Molecular Biology Department ofthe Max Planck Institute For Infection Biology in Berlin submitted by Konstantin Okonechnikov, Fernando Garcia-Alcalde, Behnam Sayanjali, Aki Imai and Thomas F Meyer will be supported by Lexogen, including sample preparation, sequencing, and any required bioinformatics.