CORALL is a novel all-in-one RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit, which enables fast and cost-efficient generation of stranded libraries for whole transcriptome analyses using Illumina® NGS platforms. CORALL NGS libraries have UMIs (Unique Molecular Identifiers) integrated, deliver complete coverage of transcripts from start to end and deliver excellent gene discovery rates.

The CORALL data analysis pipeline on the cloud-based BlueBee platform provides kit users with an end-to-end solution. It includes read quality control, mapping, UMI de-duplication, and transcript quantification (Figure 1). Kit users with any background can perform this data analysis, as the pipeline is pre-configured and does not require in-depth bioinformatics skills.


Figure 1. CORALL Data Analysis Pipeline Workflow on the BlueBee platform.

By using CORALL data analysis integrated on the BlueBee Genomics Platform you benefit from:

  • User-friendly, pre-configured, and validated workflow designed to be operated also without a bioinformatics background
  • Certified, secure cloud-based solution
  • 40 different genomes, e.g. human, mouse, and rat already available; additional species can easily be added.
  • Time and costs savings on bioinformatics.

As a unique benefit, the CORALL pipeline quantifies transcripts using Lexogen’s Mix2 algorithm, which adapts to the coverage bias of each transcript individually. This approach provides highly precise transcript abundance estimates, a more accurate detection of differential expression and exceptional reproducibility across variable conditions.

You can get free access to the CORALL Data Analysis Pipeline on the BlueBee platform when ordering CORALL kits before March 31st, 2020. A free activation code is included in every kit and can be redeemed at If you have any questions, please contact