Lexogen introduces a dual-indexing system for the Illumina-compatible versions of its RNA-Seq library preparation kits. New i5 PCR primers add four indices to the existing 96 i7 PCR primers, resulting in 384 barcode combinations to uniquely tag a very large number of RNA-Seq libraries. The indices are compatible with the standard Illumina sequencing workflow. The Dual Indexing Add-on Kit significantly improves multiplexing options and is particularly useful for libraries that require resequencing, since they can now be easier designed to be compatible with subsequent lane-mixes. The increased range of indices also boosts confidence in sample identity since library mix-ups as well as contaminations by previous preparations can better be identified and thus be prevented. The new barcoding system is available for QuantSeq, Lexogen’s superior 3’ mRNA-Seq based gene expression profiling solution, the QuantSeq-Flex targeted RNA-Seq library preparation kit, and for the ultra-stranded mRNA-Seq SENSE V2 and total RNA-Seq SENSE library preparation kits. Up to 96 single-index barcodes are always included in Lexogen’s all-in kits. Depending on the intended sequencing depth, the i5 Dual Indexing Add-on Kit now enables multiplexing of up to 384 libraries in one single lane-mix.

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