Learn that RNA-Seq sample prep does not need to be complicated at our seminar at ABRF meeting in Albuquerque on March 25th, 2014.

Sample preparation is an essential step in RNA sequencing experiments and any bias related to it may obscure the sequencing experiment results. The RNA extracted should be free from any contamination, including genomic DNA. Whenever possible the RIN should be higher than 8. It’s important to use the appropriate extraction method for RNA of different sizes. After the successful extraction a high quality strand-specific library preparation ensures that transcripts expressed from both strands of DNA are detected and distinguished in the RNA-Seq experiment. In our seminar we will discuss the major pitfalls in RNA-Seq sample prep and go into detail of the protocols of SPLIT RNA Extraction Kit and SENSE mRNA/RNA Library Prep Kits for your successful RNA-Seq experiment. We will also advise on how sample preparation can be evaluated with existing quality control techniques.

The seminar will take place in San Miguel meeting room on Tuesday, March 25that 12:45 – 13:45. 

We are also glad to welcome you at our exhibition booth 229.